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<h2>Busy Week For Global Investors In The Cards</h2>
<strong>Cautious investors will have a full week of events and data to correlate. While global equities have struggled. The G20 gets set to start in Argentina on Monday as trade and political issues grow louder internationally. And the U.S Federal Reserve will release its interest rate decision on Wednesday, and the BoE will follow suit on Thursday.</strong>
<h4><strong>Trade Restrictions &amp; Politics Producing Caution, Global Equities a Mixed Bag</strong></h4>
The G20 meetings will get underway tomorrow in Buenos Aires, Argentina and they come at a strategically important time as international politics boil with talk about trade restrictions echoing, and the West taking a harder line against Russia in the wake of the killing of an ex-Russian spy in London. The G20 is certain to also speak about cryptocurrency and has two planned meetings regarding digital assets. Global equities proved sluggish last week and unable to sustain any momentum upwards. Wall Street has essentially struggled since late January, however the three major U.S Indexes have achieved stellar gains the past year. European and Asian equities have also produced a mixed bag of results the past two months. Investors not only have the G20 meetings which they will need to pay attention to early this week, but critical central bank statements are coming on Wednesday and Thursday.
<h4><strong>Fed’s Decision Anticipated but Outlook Worries Investors, Forex will Shake</strong></h4>
The U.S Federal Reserve will assert its interest rate decision mid-week and investors widely expect the central bank to hike by another quarter of a point. The Federal Funds rate is expected to lift to 1.75%, but it is the Fed’s outlook which will cause alarm in forex. Inflation data has not shown a vast climb and investors are leery about the prospects of more than a couple of interest rate hikes from the Fed until the U.S economy proves inflation has teeth. Some question if the Fed’s aggressive stance will actually begin to hurt the U.S economy if they are too pre-emptive. Also, the Bank of England will release its Monetary Policy Statement on Thursday, and although no rate hike is anticipated it will be of interest to see how the BoE words its outlook in comparison to the Fed. The Pound will start trading near 1.3950 against the U.S Dollar on Monday, while the Euro is slightly below 1.23 versus the Dollar. The Yen is near 106.00 as risk adverse investors remain active in Japan.
<h4><strong>Gold Struggling near Precarious Support Level, Crude Oil Consolidated</strong></h4>
Gold lost additional value before going into the weekend. The precious metal is near precarious support and will open on Monday around 1313.00 U.S Dollars an ounce. The commodity has declined as the U.S Dollar has shown some muscle and global inflation data remains rather muted – particularly from the European Union. U.S Crude Oil enters trading this week above the 62.00 U.S Dollars a barrel juncture. The energy has been rather consolidated the past couple of weeks and has not shown much inclination to climb in value.
<h4><strong>G20 Meeting Start on Monday in Buenos Aires, Central Bank Decisions</strong></h4>
The G20 meetings will get started on Monday in Argentina. The U.K will report inflation data via the Core Consumer Price Index on Tuesday at 9:30 GMT. The U.S Federal Reserve will release its FOMC Statement on Wednesday at 18:00 GMT. Thursday will see the Bank of England issue it Monetary Policy Summary at 12:00 GMT. And on Friday the U.S will presents its Core Durable Goods Orders at 12:30 GMT.