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CFD Single Stocks

Single Shares Opportunities

Buying and selling traditional shares and stocks is no longer the domain of stuffy men in striped suits. Everyone is at it these days, from a day trader to the woman in the street who likes the look of Royal Mail shares. You can get in on the rise in Amazon or buy a part of Apple. The rise in the popularity of share trading is partly because it has become more accessible. The stock market is available for nearly anyone to make stock transactions. The process of buying and selling shares is straightforward, generating consistent profits.

With the advanced OptionWeb single share platform, you can buy or sell shares and stocks across 18 major exchanges ranging from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Mix and match some blue-chip shares in big, safer companies with smaller investments in riskier, but potentially higher growth, smaller ones. Put money into emerging markets – but not everything. To buy or sell shares, there are dozens of online “execution only” brokers with relatively low charges but OptionWeb has no fee and no commission on their share holding programs.

You can buy or sell shares from a broad range of global shares to make profits. You can buy them low or sell them high and book your profits when it is most beneficial for you. There are no time frames, no fees or cost associated with our shares program.

The shares are credited to your account when your transaction is processed and you decide what you want to do next. They will be safely held in your account with OptionWeb a regulated provider. You know you are fully protected when your account is with a CySEC regulate platform and your funds are safely segregated.

Opportunities in the share markets are endless. It may be the old fashion way of building wealth, but it is the tried and true method.

Earning Profits Investing in Single Shares

Despite recent falls in Tokyo and smaller falls in London and New York, it is remarkable how much some shares have risen over the past year. EasyJet is up 165% and Lloyds 131%, although the worst-performing companies in the index, Eurasian Natural Resources and Evraz, are down 43% and 53%. When investing with OptionWeb you can buy or sell shares to take advantage of market moves in either way.

You need to understand the risks. Yes, share prices can rocket, but they can also plummet – and there are no guarantees either way. For example, you might buy 50 shares in Company A at 500p a share. The shares could climb to 600p in the first few months, but then drop to 400p after some poor trading results. With the ability to buy or sell shares, (go long or go short) you can capitalize on market moves in both directions, but you have to be on the right side of the move. Risk means you should only speculate in shares with funds that you can afford to lose. In other words, make sure you can pay your mortgage and any other essential bills before you start dabbling in the stock market.

Information about publicly traded companies are easily accessible and it pays to do some research. You can quickly find out the company’s recent performance and its outlook. The availability of this information will help you make smart decisions in the shares you wish to buy or sell. Many people don’t hold onto shares for long, cashing in on small fluctuations in the price on a regular basis. But such ‘day trading,’ as it is sometimes called, is only for the more experienced investor. You can also keep your shares riding out the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

Investing with OptionWeb gives you the opportunity for long term investment success.

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