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Binary Option

Binary Options are a simplified trading system. Far from all the complications of classic trading, often restricted to the financial world's insiders, Binary Options allow you to obtain the same results with an easy to use method.

binary option classic and long term

Where experienced traders will invest in a confusing game of buying and selling securities, commodities, indexes or currencies, Binary Options allow you to bypass a complicated method and simply invest on the trends of the prices of the fore mentioned.

At the contrary, if you believe its value will increase?


Buy a Put Optionput  
classic options put put binary options

At the contrary, if you believe its value will increase?

Buy a Call Optionclassic option call  
classic call classic options call apply

Once the time period you have chosen expires, you will know if your choice was successful.
You are now trading on the Stock Market!

All this without the risks of direct trading! The amounts invested are completely under your control, unlike classic trading,
you cannot lose more money than what you have in your OptionWeb account.

The profit you can make will be known in advance, rates are available to guide you and show you what percentage you
may earn in case of success or, at the contrary, what percentage of your investment will be returned to you in case of loss.
With OptionWeb Simplicity and Efficiency are combined.

Your open positions

When you buy an option on OptionWeb this will appear on the right-hand side of your screen, this is where you can manage
all of your investments and monitor their evolution

 open positions

This is where you can see, while navigating on OptionWeb, where your investments stand .It is easy to read:

1 – The blue line shows your initial position.

2 – A graph will progressively draw itself at its end a small circle shows you the present position of the asset.

If your choice (Call or Put) is winning the graph will draw itself in green. On the contrary, if your option is losing,

the graph will draw itself in red .


You will notice that right above the graphs there is a line named « Trades Payout ». This is your real time trades' profit.
This means that if the current trends were to continue in the same direction until the time chosen expires,
the sum displayed is the repayment you will receive.
For example, if you invest 100€ on a downward trend and you lose on a position with an insurance rate of 10%,
the platform will consider that your profit (the repayment) is 100€ X 10% = 10€, a profit of 10%.
The major benefit of the « Open positions » mode resides in the « Double Up » and « Rollover » tools.
These two tools appear right under each one of your open positions:

1- The « Double Up » tool.

2- The « Rollover » tool.

In order to know if the « Rollover » tool is available check if its icon (Top right-hand corner) is highlighted  or grayed out .

 rollover double up sell

For more information on the « Double Up » and « Rollover » tools click here.

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