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Expiry Rates Rules

expiry rate rules

Appropriate terms used to calculate the rate of expiration

Bids (Offers): the price at which an investor can sell an asset in the financial markets before the expiry date of the options.

Selling Price: it’s the last buying price before the option’s expiry time as quoted by Reuters.
Last Quoted Price: it’s the last price posted before the option’s expiry date. It is thus the actual price of the asset (paid price). This price can be identical or different of the offer or the selling price.

The indexes such as DowJones or the FTSE are calculated from the last price, created by Reuters, of all quoted shares of the index. A market participant can only buy the shares or the ETF (Exchange Trade Funds) and not the real indexes.
Shares and currencies have quotations for offers and selling prices.  For example: for Google and Citigroup shares, the buying price of the asset is different from the selling price.  Therefore, VIP Optionweb calculates the average price by taking into account the price of the underlying asset at the time of the option’s expiration. This price amounts to (Bid + Ask) / 2.
If you need extra information, notably regarding the rules concerning expiration of each asset specifically negotiated on the platform, you can also consult the Asset Rubric Index.

The one touch option

The weekly One Touch option can be purchased only during the weekend.  For all One Touch options the expiry date corresponds to the close of the following week and the sale is made between Saturday at 12 :00 AM GMT and Sunday at 8PM GMT.

-There are two conditions of expiration for the One Touch option: Top or Bottom
-The daily rate of expiration of a One Touch option is calculated based on the rate of sampling. If the rate is reached, the One Touch option expires in the money (at a price favorable to the taken position) or out of the money (closing price unfavorable to the taken position).  If the rate of sampling is not reached over the course of the week, the trader will lose their initial investment.

-The terms and condition of the One Touch options are a supplementary addition to the existing conditions of VIP Optionweb, as well as the conditions published on our website, and cannot, under any circumstances, be replaced or violated in anyway.

The daily sample can be viewed in the section “rate of expiration “.

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