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Why OptionWeb

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OptionWeb : European Leader

Now the undisputed leader in online trading, OptionWeb is the reference platform for the modern online traders.

Having managed to live up to the expectations of its members, whether novice, intermediate or expert, OptionWeb account managers as well as the support team that  helps them and you, have shown the strength and the reliability of the OptionWeb platform.

Having not agreed to start its website before obtaining its CySEC license (Recognized in Europe) authorizing it to operate legally and submitting it to the rules and laws of the European Union, OptionWeb is the first platform to have been able to offer to its traders optimal and necessary security conditions for a serene, successful and useful trading.

OptionWeb also met the expectations of the Financial Markets Authority, now offering its customers its CFD platform with free and guaranteed Stop Loss by default.

What we have managed to build with you :

From its beginnings OptionWeb has constantly sought and found ways to improve and offer its traders the conditions required and demanded by the seriousness of the traders who follow us every day. It is for you and thanks to you that the following services were born : 


Our Webinars allow our entire traders community to improve and perfect with the support of one of our experts

Exclusive Tools:

At your disposal with one click, these fundamental and technical analysis tools are accompanied by the best news from the most important banks.

L’OW School:

An interactive school that allows each trader to access online trading lessons in order to feel comfortable and secure during the trading sessions.

Trading Contests:

These allow our traders to prove their talent and enjoy exceptional presents to reward their loyalty and success on our platform.


Trading Optimization,
Always :



Trade whenever you want,
wherever you want:


OptionWeb is the first platform to be able to combine guaranteed security and high potential. With our ever-increasing trading platform, for example, we added OptionWeb traders the option of scalping (very short-term trading) or, conversely, long-term trading on a variety of assets provided. OptionWeb strives to bring variety to your choices, always at the service of your investments.

Using the advanced technology offered by OptionWeb we offer you the possibility of trading directly from your Smartphone, so you can have permanent access to your account and take positions whenever you want, in complete freedom. OptionWeb also offers a platform downloadable directly to your desktop. In conclusion, in terms of trading, OptionWeb is today the necessary choice for the security and prosperitye of your investments.

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* Trading can involve a high level of risk. You may suffer a loss of all or part of your invested capital.
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