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One Touch Option

One Touch binary options are a type of numeric option in which profits are created only when the negotiated assets reach a certain predefined value.  Thus, for the trader, the functions of One Touch options are simple.

1) No need to choose an expiration time, it is already fixed in advance.  

2) No need to choose an upward or downward trend, it is already fixed in advance

one touch options

One touch simplifies your actions:
- An expiration time is set.
- A value to be reached is set.
- You choose the amount you want to invest.

If the asset reaches and/or surpasses  the set value, at one of the expiries*, you win the return amount cited.
You will not have to decide on a trend, you are investing on the possibility of an asset reaching a certain value. The One Touch options are specially acclaimed by traders operating in the raw goods markets in particular, as well as in Forex markets

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The other distinctive aspect of One Touch options is that purchases are available to be made during the weekend, starting from Friday night after the closing of the markets, and must be kept from Monday to the following Friday.
Purchasing of One Touch options is possible in a restricted number of currencies on the platform

*The option purchased through the "One Touch" will be examined and checked to see if the price reaches the target level, once a day, at 17:00 GMT, Monday through Friday. If the course in question is not listed five times during the week, the number will be reduced accordingly

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